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Michigan is located almost in the heart of America's Great Lakes. Bordering on four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan has 3,100 miles of shoreline, ranging from broad sand beaches to sheer rock face cliffs.

Most of Michigan's lighthouses were build in a span of almost 75 years, between 1825 and 1900. They were operated and manned by the U.S. Lighthouse Service. In 1939, U.S. Lighthouse Service became part of the United States Coast Guard Service. The U.S. Coast Guard now maintains the lights, as well as all other navigational markers and buoys.

The lighthouses are no longer manned since they are all automated and controlled by modern equipment and remote control technology. Loran-C navigation radio signals and other devices have made navigation much safer and at the same time reduced the need for any new lighthouses.

Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state in the nation. Some of the lighthouses are now inactive, some are privately owned and some are museums.

Visiting the lighthouses can make a wonderful vacation or a series of mini-vacations. Each has its history and its heroes. Lighthouse caretakers are bent on preserving these stately landmarks and are willing to share the stories and history.

The Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Associates is an organization who is dedicated in preserving the lighthouses and their history. To find out more about about this organization, visit them on the web.

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